Chuck Picks the Lock to Steal a Sexy Liv Wild Handjob

Length: 29:18

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Added on: Mar 15, 2020

Model: Liv Wild

Hey fellas, Chuck here with a Tug Casting update that'll really satisfy all your handjob audition cravings. Today's featured babe is the beautiful gap toothed Liv Wild and I surprised her by popping into her locked room! You knew I was multitalented but you didn't know that picking locks was one of those talents, now did you? Well, Liv was certainly surprised but once she realized that she could gain some fame from our little interaction, she was so down to do whatever it took! This teen brunette cutie is indeed destined for fame and I'm happy to help get her there. I chat it up with her to break the ice before auditioning her handjob skills!

I was worried that she'd be too shy to get naked for me, but nope, she pulled down that tube top to reveal the nicest little perky tits you'll ever see. Look at that perfect slim body. Nice booty, shaved pussy, all so good. She masturbates for me, showing off her clit rubbing style and spreading her lovely labia to let me see what this little girl is made of. She rubs me through my jeans and then works some magic when she lets the rabbit out of the hat! She licks the head while she strokes me, and she lubes me up and works my balls good too. Her ball sucking and thigh riding action were almost too much even for me! We get into a nice 69 position so I can eat her pussy while she jerks me. "Please cum for me," she begs hungrily. And I happily oblige.

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