Midwestern Cutie Kate Kennedy Shocked During Casting Call

Length: 22:01

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Added on: Jan 19, 2020

Model: Kate Kennedy

Hi my dudes, it's your boy Chuck with a Tug Casting Kate Kennedy handjob scene where the Midwestern cutie is completely blindsided by my naughty requests as her producer! The Colorado cutie is 25 years old and new to Los Angeles, and what better way to make a big splash than with a dirty handjob scene? The blonde babe is wearing just a short flirty dress and a beautiful smile. It turns out that Kate had no idea what she was in for when she decided to attend today's casting call. She thought she was coming to a regular audition, but it turns out this is a handjob casting! I lead her straight to the bed and she's a little hesitant but I'm quickly able to convince her to play along!

My first request is for her to take off all her clothes, and that takes just a second since she isn't even wearing a bra! Her breasts are big and luscious with tiny suckable nipples. Her ass is just amazing, and look at those lickable pussy lips! Both inner and outer lips are quite generous and she's already wet right from the start. She rubs herself with her perfectly French manicured tips, spreading her pussy wide for the camera. She gets down between my legs to rub my dick through my pants, and then she sets it free for both of our enjoyment. She's fun and playful, working me with twisty strokes and moaning with pleasure. She rides my thigh hard, moaning loud and stroking me, eventually grinding that sweet pussy against my cock. We 69 for the grand finale and I cum all over her pretty hands! Kate, you're pure perfection!

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