Sensual Blonde Chanel Grey Reveals Tattoos and Strokes Dick

Length: 21:25

Photos: 90

Added on: Aug 23, 2020

Model: Chanel Grey

Hey guys, Chuck here from Tug Casting with a Chanel Grey handjob interview that really puts the tattooed blonde to the test! She came in all bubbly and sweet, making a big impression right from the jump. She plops down on the bed like the confident woman that she is, looking so fine in that tight dress! She's 20 years old and originally from Arizona and Puerto Rico. She tells me that she's been an aspiring actress her whole life, and I just can't wait to break the news to her that she's gonna be able to try her hand at a very special audition today... a handjob audition, as a matter of fact! Talk about a BIG role! Her reaction to the news was a smile and a giggle, so I'd say we're off to a good start! This will be her first on-camera handjob too. Poppin' that handjob cherry!

I bullshit the sexy babe about how much she's gonna get paid for her "handiwork" and then it's time for the handjob to begin! She starts stripping for me and confesses that she's never even gotten naked on camera before! No panties under that dress, just a sweet tightly trimmed pussy and a lovely booty. Her tiny titties are just too perfect! She chills out laying on my leg and playing with my dick through my pants, and then she frees it for some skin-on-skin contact. She hops up on my leg for a little cowgirl action and continues stroking me all the while! Then it's back down on the bed for some masturbation while she jerks me, and then the grand finale is a facial on those pretty cheeks! Welcome aboard, Chanel!

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